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Aug 17
As lawmakers return to Sacramento, debate over healthcare taxes kicks off | 08/17/2015
"We have a year to solve this problem. Many in the Legislature are trying to push this through in four weeks before we have a chance to vet all the best policy alternatives," said Assemblyman Travis...
Aug 17
Tricky Tax Timing For State Lawmakers to Fund Health Care | 08/17/2015
“The Democrats want to steamroll a tax increase for all Californians through in four weeks,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) in examining the plan from Democrats.

Press Releases

Sep 04
Assemblyman Travis Allen Blasts the Governor for Wanting to Raise Taxes on All Californians | 09/04/2015
SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Allen issued the following statement regarding Governor Brown finally chiming in on California’s transportation funding problem: “The proposal that the Governor...
Aug 24
Assemblyman Travis Allen Calls on the Governor to Sign His Legislation that Ensures California’s Children Have Access to the Best Education | 08/24/2015
SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblyman Travis Allen’s (R-Huntington Beach) announced that Assembly Bill 943, which ensures that every child in California has access to any and all of the best...


Jun 29
Assemblyman Travis Allen Unveils Common Sense Plan to Get All Californians Out of Traffic | 06/29/2015

Assemblyman Allen joined with California Republicans to unveil a plan that will help fix our state’s traffic problems....

Jun 25
Assemblyman Travis Allen Declaring June California Innovation Month | 06/25/2015

Assemblyman Travis Allen presenting Assembly Concurrent Resolution 79 which declares the month of June as California Innovation Month in order to celebrate how innovation moves industries...